Daily Standup On Time

Till now, I thought the daily stand up is always a funny and interesting method to start the work .But now few seen incidents clearly made me to revise my thought. 

Once in a team’s standup, the scrum master was late and hence he has asked the team members to postpone the standup till he comes. This made the team members think that the he is acting as a team lead.

In another incident one team member informed that he will be late and hence the Scrum Master postponed the stand up. 

In my opinion on both the occasions the Scrum masters decisions were not correct.

The basic thing is that the standup should happen @ the same time and @ the same place daily.

It is not mandatory that the Scrum Master should be there for the standup. It is good for the Scrum master to attend the Daily stand up to sense any open/hidden impediments. Sometimes the team member may not even like to talk about the impediment that he is facing within the team and similar kind of impediments can be identified only if the Scrum Master is there. If the team is facing a common problem and the Scrum master is not there for the Stand up , then it is not the scrum master fault that he missed the stand up to sense the impediment. The team should approach the Scrum master later to talk and find a solution for the problem.

If a particular team member is not able to attend the stand up on a particular day due to his personal reasons, then it is absolutely fine. But if the same person is missing the stand up daily then I guesses there is certainly some attention needed to understand the problem and solve it.

The main point behind stand up is that the team gets self organized on its own to do the work. Once the team gets self organized and starts delivering, there is no need of a Scrum Master.

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