What can happen if a busy Project Manager acts as a Scrum Master too?


   Yesterday, while going back home, I started talking with my co passenger. Luckily, I landed sitting next to a person who is a project manager & Scrum Master for two projects. We started speaking about various processes they follow in their organization and he said he is handling 2 projects.

Me: How big are your teams?

PM/SM: Hmm One is with 6 team members and the other one with 15 team members.

Me: huuh…I guess 6 will be the small and the happiest team and 15 will be little tough to handle for you..

PM/SM: yeah that’s true…It’s a big HEAD ACHE for me conduct daily stand ups..

Me: How about sprint length for both the teams?

PM/SM: For 6 members it is 2 weeks sprint and for the other team its 30 days length.

Me: Ohh Ok. Then how do conduct retrospective for both the teams?

PM/SM: For 2 weeks sprint I normally conduct along with the 1 month length sprint team, so that there is no need for me to WASTE TIME in retrospective.

   Then my bus stop came and I wished him GOOD LUCK and got down.

I guess here in this case the management made few mistakes first my assigning the PM as a Scrum Master. Secondly I felt that the person is doing the job as a scrum master feels it as an extra burden.

Thirdly he is not much interested in Conducting retrospective, the heart beat of scrum to improve the team performance in each sprint. I guess people who learn scrum through books and papers are doing the same thing in the rest of the world too. I guess management should stop doing the basic mistake of asking PM’s to become a Scrum Master. In some case this may work. BUT in most of the cases it will be the other way around.

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