Steps towards Hyperproductive Scrum Team

It is normal most of the scrum team will be able to attain a constant velocity after some or huge lessons from the past sprints. But I was wondering are there ways to make still team better than what they do after a certain period of time. A scrum master can help the team reach its average velocity by removing the impediments and providing all the facilities that the team need. But it seems there is still something that can be done to make the team a HYPERPRODUCTIVE SCRUM TEAM. Based on my understanding by reading papers and attending Scrum Meet up in Bangalore , Certain things need to be done and not to de done to make Super jet Scrum team.

  • No Interference from outside to the team for ever
  • More clear and small user stories
  • All team members should have a very clear understanding of Scrum .
  • A VERY CLEAR definition of DONE.
  • No place for extra Process
  • Allow the team to be on its own velocity and never try to press the accelerometer
  • No task switching in between Ongoing task
  • Sprint Backlog should be ready before the sprint planning meeting.
  • Encourage pair programming wherever needed
  • Burn down charts should be more visible to radiate more information
  • Rather than going with 4 weeks sprint , it is better to go with 2 weeks sprint
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