Scrum Team: Decision Making

Decision making is one of the highest priority job in scrum team. Most of the decision has to be taken by the team itself. To solve a problem, most of the time the team itself has to rely on itself to make a quick and clean decision. Decisions like reading books, looking into forums help, webpage to solve the problem are simple solution that the team can make itself.

Some time it becomes necessary for the team to rely on a third party or a consultant to solve a problem. Such kind of decision can be taken by scrum master. Sometimes such training may need the management permission and it has to be sorted out before arranging.

Once the team gets accustomed to scrum methodology, the team has to learn to take decision on its own rather than depending on outsiders to take a decision.

If the scrum master is not able to make a decision during the daily scrum, it is better to sit with the team/team member and arrive at a decision.

Apart from decision making after daily scrum, there are also places where the scrum team has to make decision. This comes with the points that arise in the retrospective meeting. To solve such issues, some kind of initiative and a tracking method can be followed. A simple excel sheet to describe the problem, the solution arrived and the person who is going to take care of the impediment can be put into a excel sheet.




Person In charge


In consistency in scripts

used for automation

Code is labeled daily by the end of the day for automation



Effort spent are not updated

All should update their effort in rally

before daily scrum


Similar kind of stuff in excel sheet will help the team to keep track of the impediments and the person who is taking care of it.

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