Scrum Master: Identifying and Removing Impediments

It is the whole responsibility of the Scrum Master to LISTEN and REMOVE the impediments. The scrum master should try to remove the impediments as early as possible. A growing impediments list indicates a two things , One is the Scrum master is not removing the impediments and the other One is that the management is not showing any responsibility to remove the impediments.    

Since Scrum master’s primary job is to remove the impediments, he should pay more time in understanding the nature of the impediment that the team/team player is facing. The reason being rather than providing a temporary fix to the impediment, it is always better to find the root cause of the problem and cut it out there. While doing it please don’t call the team member or team for a meeting to find the root cause.    

Removing impediments is just like making Highways. Once the bumps (Impediments) are removed the team can just go in their natural velocity and complete the targets on time.    

Also when a scrum master smells a rat or something is going wrong with couple of team members, try to solve the problem and don’t try to pin point the problem causer. It is always better to understand the problem from both the ends and jump to a conclusion than pinpointing to the mistakes.    

If the scrum master fails to remove the impediments on time then at some time the team members will lose faith on the scrum master and they will stop telling the impediments in the daily scrum.

If the scrum master is not able to remove an impediment within a day, then he should update about his plans to remove the impediment. It’s better to tell the truth than hiding it.


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