Daily Scrum Meeting

Daily Scrum Meeting or Daily Stand up Meeting


This is a kind of meeting that the scrum team attends daily. During the meeting only one Pig is allowed to talk and all other pigs and chickens will be listening. The person will update about his status or the progress that he has made in his current task or story.

Who should start first?

Hahaha..Nice question… I guess. But still we will start with the person who arrived last for the standup meeting.

Where should the meeting take place?

I prefer the meeting to take place @ the same place @ the same time daily. The reason for not shuffling the place is I guess shuffling the place daily will again a problem. This meeting place and time will become something live Pavlov reaction. As soon as the clock struck 10.00 all pigs and chickens will assemble at the rendezvous.

What should be discussed?

 There are three questions that a team member should answer.

  1. What did you do yesterday?

    Here the team member is expected to tell that is relevant to the project that he is doing the stand up. Any irrelevant update should be stopped immediately by the scrum master

  2. What will you work on today?

    The team member should tell the team about his plan for the day in the project what the team is working.

  3. Do you have any problem in doing the work today?

    Each team member has a well planned work to do for the day as well as for the sprint. If the team member feels that something is hindering him/her to do the day’s work, that can be brought to light during the stand up meeting. If the team member is being slowed down by some impediments then it’s going to affect the whole team as well.     

    The Scrum master should pitch in and try to solve the problem the team/team member is facing. Some problems can be solved immediately. If there are some problems that are related to company’s process or top level management then it has to be taken seriously. Though it is not possible to arrive at a concrete solution, the scrum master and the management should try to provide a temporary fix to keep the teams velocity moving.    

    During the standup the team member should keep their answers to the 3 questions very brief. No huge explanations about the work are needed at the meeting time. Any such explanation can be give to the needed person off the meeting. Also any detailed explanation needed can be discussed outside the meeting time.    

    Any sort of impediment like the server not working, internet problem can be brought to notice during the daily stand up meeting.    

    Remember all meetings in Scrum are Time Boxed and this meeting is time boxed only for 15 Minutes.



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